How To Create A Great Landscape Design

Landscaping is a good mix of being creative and practical.

When you follow proper design principles then you will get something that does what you want it and is also good to look at. Professional landscapers start by looking at the available space and dividing it into areas for different purposes.


Each area, sometimes called an activity zone has a particular purpose – so there might be a flower and a vegetable garden and maybe a paved area for walking on, a pond or other water feature because these encourage more wildlife and maybe a deck or patio for relaxing on. These and other areas as well as fences, sheds and paths are all part of the whole and each piece of the landscape should be considered in relation to the others.If you want to create something that is both practical and good.

Great Landscape Design

You need to decide the kind of flowers and other plants that you want in each area and where they will grow best. You might want to consider whether to a multi-leveled step garden with the areas in tiers is suited to your needs. This can work to the best advantage in a rectangular garden with one side against the wall of your house. Perhaps you prefer your garden to be circular so that it can be viewed from all sides.


Don’t forget about the ongoing business of gardening and the need for sheds to hold tools and the lawnmowe. These areas are best kept flat. Walkways should be stepped or leveled, and the deck or patio should be raised.Give your imagination free rein when you are working out the various positions for trees and flowers of different species. Maybe you want shady trees for sitting under or some fruit trees so that you can grow your own apples or pears etc.

Great Landscape Design

Do your research and learn about pruning practices, in order to keep your home safe and to keep your trees healthy. Don’t plant too close to the house because tree roots will spread and cause problems. Check the proper time of year for transplanting flowers and shrubs, and weed regularly to keep your garden tidy.

Great Landscape Design

If you have pets or young children – or if you just want to keep parts of the garden out of bounds then you will need some fencing. Fencing can be in the form of chain link, or something that looks good such as wrought iron, redwood or brick.


Have some idea of the time and effort you need to put caring for your garden once everything is up and running. Some plants need a lot more care than others or may need to be replanted year after year. Perennials will grow back year after year whereas annuals will need replanting every year.

Great Landscape Design
Don’t forget to take account of the how much sunshine vs shade for you need in different areas. That will have affect the type of plants you can put there. You also need to think about the amount of water from rainfall and how often you will need to be out there with the watering can. Some plants are very sun or drought tolerant, but others need more shade and soil that is always moist.


Whatever you do will depend on your particular geography, climate and conditions. These things will determine how long your growing season is, what mix of evergreen, deciduous or fruit trees you want and what will grow in your garden.
You don’t need to be an expert landscaper to make a start and produce some great results. Start simple – you can always add or re-do as your knowledge and experience grows. Everyone has some failures but when you see the results of your efforts you’ll be happy at the way your skills have developed.

Great Landscape Design

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